Sustainable Fashion For Men 1 Sustainable Fashion For Men
Sustainable Fashion For Men 2 Sustainable Fashion For Men

20BO stands for comfort and representativeness. Sustainability is one of the most important pillars. The next generation will make a difference


Sexy Sustainability

20BO aims to remove the ‘dull’ image of sustainability. We believe in the quote: “Sexy Sustainability.” How cool is it to say that you have made a conscious choice of clothing and can also look super trendy!

Where does sustainability come back to 20BO? We use recycled fabrics and fabrics with a sustainability label. Secondly, the 20BO garments are entirely manufactured in our atelier in Tilburg, and the right working conditions and less CO2 emissions can be guaranteed.

Local Production

Because of local production, we have a short line with our customers. Domestic production also allows for delivering a tailored garment. 

We want to invite you to our showroom and atelier to show how the production process goes and what it takes to produce your clothing. Please send us an email so we can make an appointment. Hope to see you soon!