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Last August, Joris van Riel very inspired us with his foundation Textilium Futura. As 20BO, we will therefore be involved in the plans for making Tilburg great again as a textile city.

The (International) textile industry is by no means a dusty business. And we will show that on the Textilium Futura website. Articles and videos about groundbreaking high-tech innovations in the textile world, creative applications of textiles, and making textile production processes more sustainable are themes that you can read and hear a lot about on their website in the coming years. 

In addition to the website, Textilium Futura will also be fully visible in Tilburg in the coming years. We are going to organize more substantial and smaller events. This can be a lively day at the Piushaven for a broad audience with presentations of innovations, art exhibitions, lectures, and theater and a small event.

In 2024, the most important and most beautiful stories will be brought together during the first International TEXTILIUM FUTURA WEEK. This week, full of larger and smaller events, spread all over Tilburg, will be the first Textilium Futura year. In 2024, there will be something going on every day in the city about the textile industry’s future.

The Textilium Tilburg Foundation aims to permanently put Tilburg back on the international map as a textile city. The foundation does this by setting up a knowledge center in addition to the countless events and the TEXTILIUM FUTURA WEEK. In the TEXTILIUM FUTURA KNOWLEDGE CENTER (TKC), knowledge collection will be bundled. Local, national, and international knowledge in the field of product development is centrally bundled here.

For our first photoshoot, we collaborate with the Dutch company Butts and Shoulders. As we’re sharing the same brand fundamental values as high-quality, slow fashion (no mass production), sustainability, and we’re both Dutch, this collaboration was a natural match.


Butts and Shoulders was founded four years ago. They wanted to share heir passion for authenticity, craftsmanship, and durable products. No mass productions, because they believe in slow fashion.


With the ‘Butts and Shoulders’ brand, they develop products that are unique and outstanding. The products are born because they couldn’t find them in the stores. That’s why they decided to make them by ourselves. Because of their experience in the fashion, footwear, and lifestyle industries, this was a natural step for them. They are creating only the best of the best. No concessions. To make the best and unique is their primary goal. 


Since all of their ‘Butts and Shoulders’ products are made of 100% natural vegetable tanned leather, they don’t use chemicals. The moment you unpack the products, the unique age-ing process will start. By using it, touching it, and even exposing it to daylight, the looks of their products will change. Therefore, the more you will use it, the more beautiful it will get like a true friendship that will grow over time. The ‘Butts and Shoulders’ leather crafted goods will be your buddy for the rest of your life.

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For our first photoshoot, we had the chance to collaborate with the photographer René Wouters. He is very professional and does not need a lot of words to understand how the result needs to be. René Wouters creates your brand in photo and film. From your point of view or in a decided assignment. But always in a wide range, not just for your target audience, but especially for the setting you want to place your brand. An image-maker, who focuses on ambiance but also product- portraits- and location.

The photoshoot location (Cubics) was also beautiful, chosen by René. He also has his working place in this building. Cubics strives for a place where collaboration, meeting, and relaxation are timeless. People must be able to work anywhere and connect securely with each other, digitally and physically, to work together optimally. Organizations that can create “winning workplaces” assure themselves of committed, satisfied employees who can fully utilize their potential and achieve an excellent “work-life balance.”

Since 1933, Cubics has specialized in services and products that contribute to comfortable work circumstances. Today you can contact Cubics for everything that is involved in generating an optimal working environment. They provide organizations; business, education, government, healthcare, and catering companies of complete interiors and all-round IT solutions.

Jasper Harthoorn of ‘Brabants Dagblad’ visited the atelier of 20BO in June. An article was written because 20BO supervised ten students from May to July 2020. Many internships were canceled due to the COVID-19 virus. This meant that many students would have study delay. Due to the excellent relationship between ROC Tilburg and 20BO, it was possible to collaborate. It became possible to place ten fashion interns of ROC Tilburg at 20BO in a corona proof way. Thank you, Brabants Dagblad and Jolanda Helversteijn of ROC Tilburg, for those beautiful words. Read the full article here.

News 4 Sustainable Fashion For Men wrote a fascinating article about 20BO as a follow-up to the item that originated from ‘Brabants Dagblad.’ We thank for these beautiful words! Read the full article here.

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During her fashion studies, Bo Broers was chosen to make a suit for Dennis Wiersma of the VVD for ‘Prinsjesdag.’ It was a great honor to be able to make this.

Member of Parliament Dennis Wiersma of the VVD receives a suit for Prinsjesdag by students of the Summa College: Noah Strijbos (Junior stylist) and Bo Broers (Specialist fashion / tailor-made clothing). Noah designs the suit, and Bo makes it. Monday, September 4, he came to Summa Fashion for a first fitting session.

It is a unique experience for Noah and Bo. The Royal Family and all members of the House of Representatives, among others, will soon see what they have made.

Different media were interested in this topic. Several media videos and articles are listed below.