Pay with your travel time!

We live in a society where free time is very scarce. 20BO considers it very important to create awareness about sustainability and the production process. We also find it interesting to speak and help our customers personally. We, therefore, offer the opportunity to visit our showroom in Tilburg! A delicious snack appetizer and drink will be ready for you. Please send an email to to make an appointment! Nice to know; Part of your travel costs will convert into a discount. Why? Because we like to get in touch with you and appreciate it that you will take the time to visit us. 

20BO Lifestyle

20BO will pass on the knowledge of its network of experts. We want to do this through webinars and podcasts. If you have a specific question or a topic that you would like to hear, please let us know! We think of tools to be able to apply small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Subjects such as nutrition, skincare, exercise, multitasking, keeping your energy level up to date, and making a people- and environmentally friendly clothing choice (color, style, and material advice) come to our mind. We would love to hear your input!

Bo Broers

About Us

20BO started in 2019 to be able to present the first collection in September 2020. The brand name 20BO comes from a science fiction idea that many shared around the year “2020”. Speculation about having robots and flying cars, for example, has led to the link between 2020 and innovation. Because 20BO considers innovation very important, and the first collection will launch in 2020, the year is part of the brand name. The owner of the brand is called Bo. These components lead to the name 20BO (TwentyBo). A distinction is made between Suits and Casual that can be combined.

“After completing the Specialist fashion and tailoring course, I gained experience in this industry. During my trip to China and the knowledge I have gathered about this subject, I realized that the “fast fashion system” is not people and environmentally friendly. These gained insights have been the reason for me to start 20BO (TwentyBo). As a young entrepreneur (25 years old), I combine my own company in sustainable men’s fashion with International Lifestyle Studies. It is ideal to combine study and starting your own business. It is possible to apply the things I learn in practice immediately! The most important thing for me is to understand the way of thinking of my customers and do a lot of research. By using this method, it is possible to make the right garments. The motives for starting my own company are the passion I have for menswear, the importance of producing locally while offering experience and involvement. 20BO tries to create awareness and passes on its knowledge to current fashion students working in the atelier so that our generation can make a difference!”

Thank you for your interest and trust, 

Bo Broers